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Reuters late last year reported that plans to build a privately financed power station had been delayed because of concerns about continued shortfalls in payments for electricity.

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The deal with Siemens includes three phases. In the first phase, stranded power generation of about 2 GW would be moved onto the grid, to push generation to about 7 GW.

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  5. Phase two includes a grid expansion to enable at least 11 GW of transmission and distribution. The third phase would include new power stations and continued grid expansion to reach the GW goal. At least two new generating facilities already are being developed.

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    The deal for a MW combined cycle plant includes plans for a new substation, desalination facility, and other infrastructure at an industrial park northeast of Lagos. The power plant is expected to be fully operational in The state-run Nigerian Bulk Electricity Trading Company has committed to a year take-or-pay contract to buy electricity from the new plant.

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    The new plant is expected to be operational within the next few months. The contract to build the Kaduna plant was originally awarded in , but officials said the project was slowed due to inadequate financial commitments from the Nigerian government.

    German Industrial Giant Siemens Signs $10.5 Billion Deal to Generate Power in Egypt

    The plant could bring back the textile industry in the state, where 12 factories—employing more than 35, people—operated before the electricity supply to the region ended due to dilapidated transmission infrastructure. In addition to their primary task of transforming voltage, Sensformers also act as information hubs for the power grid operators.

    This helps enhance flexibility and optimize operation of the entire grid, while preventing failures. To allow the network operators and energy producers to manage this new electricity landscape automatically, Sensformer is also equipped with an IoT gateway to provide direct real-time measurements of oil level, top oil temperature, low voltage winding as well as GPS location. All the data generated by the sensors are then transmitted to the cloud via the Sensformer connectivity device, using the standard GSM communications or via the Ethernet.

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