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A message two weeks later simply asked, "Do you get my emails? Perhaps this persistent Scientologist would be happy to know I finally watched the movies this week, although I definitely didn't have the reaction he was hoping for. The narrator outlined a series of claims about Hubbard's life. The film went on to describe Hubbard as a record-setting Boy Scout who developed an "enduring interest in unraveling the mysteries of the human mind" after meeting a naval officer "who had studied under Sigmund Freud.

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According to the narrator, Hubbard returned to America in when he would have been about The movie said he then went on to college and went on several expeditions and adventures designed for him to "fathom life. This incredible revelation was not detailed in the movie, but it went on to make even more dramatic claims about Hubbard's research and the power of his ideas. Ron Hubbard in uniform. It described his time in a naval hospital during World War II as the start of his "final road to discovery.


At this point, the movie began to allude to the sci-fi mysticism that's reportedly contained in the materials given to believers who reach Scientology's upper levels. After just 10 minutes of Scientology's introductory DVDs, it became clear to me that the church views Hubbard as a miraculous, almost messianic figure. However, I hadn't seen much concrete evidence to back up the incredible claims about the religion's leader.

It also was apparent to me that diving deeper into Scientology doctrine would involve some rather unorthodox mystical concepts. Between the Hubbard biography and the repeated emails I got from the Scientologist in Tampa, I was personally turned off after barely dipping my toe into the water.

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Part two of the DVD was an overview of the religion's "beliefs and practices. The movie then went on to introduce a series of concepts and questions that seemed like they were designed to dazzle. Are you a body? Well, let me ask you this, if you have your appendix removed does your personality change? Your body is something you use. So, if you're not your body, what are you? As stock footage of people that appeared to be from the s rolled across the screen, the narrator defined the mind as having "a memory bank containing pictures. That part of you that's aware of being aware, in Scientology we use the word Thetan.

Diagrams illustrated with sparkles, shadows, and Greek letters flew by as the narrator continued to explain. It isn't something you have. You wouldn't say 'my Thetan.

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The overview DVD went on to outline more of the religion's main concepts. It detailed how Scientologists believe life can be "subdivided into eight parts" or "dynamics. After presenting these concepts, the DVD took me inside the church. It showed glimpses of the Scientology "auditing" process, which involves believers being asked questions about their lives while holding a Hubbard-designed device called an "e-meter.

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The DVD included claims that Scientology auditing helps "bring an individual from a condition of spiritual blindness to the joy of spiritual enlightenment and freedom. Another scene in the DVD showed Scientology's "purification rundown. The church disputes many of these accusations and claims the procedure has helped "hundreds of thousands" of people. The purification rundown involves believers supposedly detoxifying by taking copious amounts of vitamins and being encouraged to sweat through saunas and exercise.

The movie described it as "an all-natural regimen" that "frees one from the harmful effects of drugs and toxins. Church spokeswoman Karin Pouw provided Business Insider with a statement defending the purification rundown wherein she reiterated the claim it has helped "hundreds of thousands" of people. It is conducted in a properly ordered schedule to include sufficient rest," Pouw said. Pouw also pointed to a website that offered what she described as scientific research into the purification rundown.

As used in the Church, it is a spiritual program, but its use in other detoxification contexts has been researched extensively and there are numerous scientific papers about its safety and effectiveness," she said. The longest portion of the overview DVD featured 50 testimonials from church members claiming Scientology has helped them. None of the major celebrities involved with the church, like Travolta or Tom Cruise, were included. The people were identified via their job titles including "a rapper," a "safari leader," and a "fashion designer.

One showed a "Buddhist monk" explaining how the church's teachings have helped him and the other featured a "Pentecostal minister. Many of the Scientologists shown in the testimonials claimed to have experienced almost superhuman benefits from the church.

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In addition to the overview, there was a film about Hubbard that contained his ten-minute biography as well as several "vignettes" depicting scenes from his life. The second disc of the overview, which was titled "How We Help," and the two other movies depicted the church's social programs including their "Citizens Commission on Human Rights," which is dedicated to fighting psychiatry.

Wright's book notes that Hubbard and "Dianetics" faced early opposition from psychiatrists. He describes this as the root of Hubbard's opposition to the profession. The other social programs shown in the DVDs are more conventional: disaster relief, anti-drug programs, criminal rehabilitation, and efforts to promote religious freedom.

Stressful, terrible, not worth it. If at all possible, avoid working here.

Drug bust in st paul mn 12222

I wouldn't recommend any of my friends. Pay is not good for what you go through. And forget about raises, you have to harass the owner over and over and he will still put you on back burner. Just don't work here. No benefits. Vacation, if you're lucky to get it at all, you'll get 3 days a year.

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He refuses to let you take it when you want, only when it's convenient for him. He belittles you as often as he can, in front of all of the employees.

And it's not just him, his family that runs the place is awful too. Hard place to work. The work is easy for the most part fast paced but doable. Management sucks for lack of better words. Boss is constantly arguing with family. Family owned and operated. Not a friendly environment. Boss' family members don't do their job well and others have to pick up the slack. Not worth going full time for the benefits.

3619 Sycamore Dairy Rd, Fayetteville, NC 28303

Seriously, Benefits are a joke here. Sketchy pay sometimes. No direct deposits only get paid by checks and sometimes in cash depending on what you do. Horrible place and person to work under. Poor attitude of owner Owner is mentally and verbally abusive and unfair in most practices Owner screams at employees and related employess , throws objects, is controversial and hypocritical Shady in many aspects Terrible manner concerning employees Only family members employees tolerate environment long term barely Predujice Environment Very little to no training if hired for position you are unfamiliar with Heavy favoritism.